Malkin Cleaners Is Your All-In-One Water Damage Restoration Company

For over ninety years, family-owned Malkin Cleaners has been one of the top water damage restoration in companies in Vancouver, trusted by generation after generation to fix damage done to their homes.  There’s no secret to having that sort of longevity in a business – it simply requires unwavering dedication to quality service, year after year.

Those decades of experience also allow Malkin to deal with a wide range of water-related damage within homes and businesses.  By continually adding more service types and more problems addressed, Malkin has been able to stay on top of the industry in Vancouver.

Water Damage Restoration Companies Vancouver

No Matter What Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Service You Need, Malkin Can Provide

Rapid Emergency Response

If you suffer any sort of water-related damage, time is truly of the essence.  Water damage doesn’t cease just because the water itself has gone away.  The damage continues to grow as soaked items become vulnerable to mold, mildew, and other forms of decay.  Malkin can respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is an extremely dangerous form of mold, and one that is very likely to grow after serious water damage – even damage that’s contained relatively quickly.  Malkin has extensive training in detecting and removing black mold in its entirety so that it doesn’t quickly begin growing again.

Sewage Cleanup

There are few calamities which can befall a property which are worse than a burst sewer line.  The risks to both human health as well as the value of the property are enormous.  Malkin can work with you to minimize the extent of the initial damage, preserve as much of your building and possessions as possible and, of course, deal with the odour which can otherwise ruin a property.  

Insurance Assistance

Another benefit of Malkin’s decades of experience is that they have close contact with all the major insurance companies in the Vancouver area.  They can handle nearly all the insurance paperwork themselves, on behalf of the building owner, and help ensure the most possible payout to cover the costs of cleanup.

Malkin Cleaners: One of Vancouver’s Go-To Water Damage Restoration Companies for Nearly A Century

From minor carpet-cleanings to major multi-story restoration jobs, Malkin is one of the most trusted water damage restoration companies in the Vancouver area.  Contact Malkin Cleaners today for immediate help.