Why So Many Now Choose Malkin Cleaners are Their Richmond Water Damage House repair Company

Water damage cleaning work requires the guidance of professionals who have a clear understanding of the challenges of the process. Our team at Malkin Cleaners are known for achieving outstanding results within our work, and we’ll explain more on what makes our company one of the most trusted in the local Richmond market for water damage house repair service options.

  • Experience

We offer several decades of experience as a Richmond water damage restoration company and this experience means we can respond to a number of cleaning and restoration challenges using techniques not available via other companies. Our experience also means we’ve worked in buildings of all types and on flood restoration projects of various scope while assuring exceptional results.

  • Insurance assistance

We can help clients through the complex process of dealing with their insurance company. This process can become exceptionally complex if the client doesn’t have a clear handle on the paperwork. We’ll conduct all discussions and help the homeowner fill out the paperwork so that the project can be completed successfully and that the homeowner receives compensation for the water damage to their home.

  • Swift responses

Perhaps one of the most important elements in having a water damage house repair company work for Richmond homeowners is in ensuring that the work begins quickly before any structural problems occur. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has access to best-in-class equipment and has the experience to respond to the problem while pinpointing the exact source of the water damage issue quickly. This further helps ensure the ideal project result for our clientele.

  • Extensive training

Our team members all undergo extensive training regularly to ensure they’re meeting the highest of industry standards within their water damage or flood restoration work. Their training helps prepare them for any projects and means homeowners can rest assured they’re working with a specialist that has the highest level of qualifications for their role.

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