Our North Vancouver Emergency Water Damage Restoration Company Team Explains How to Stop a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof or ceiling leak can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property. It can prevent you from experiencing comfort in the home and may lead to health and safety risks. To help guide you in responding to your leaky roofing issues, our North Vancouver water damage restoration company team at Malkin Cleaners offers their tips on how to stop a leaky roof in this latest post.

Start by minimizing home damage              

The first step in stopping a leaky roof is to minimize the immediate damage to the home. Begin by removing furniture from the area and make sure any electronics in the area are unplugged to minimize electrical damage. Any furniture that you cannot move alone should be covered by a plastic sheet to ensure it’s protected. Make sure you place a bucket under the areas in which the roof or ceiling is leaking.

Trace the source of the leak

Next, it’s time to trace the source of the leak. Oftentimes, the source is a broken pipe, toilet issue or faulty plumbing. But in the case of a roof leak, you can usually determine the leak’s source by looking at the path of the water. Are there water marks on the ceiling or discolourations in the wood paneling? This is a clear sign that water has damaged the structure within that area.

Get a professional inspection

Once you have traced the source of the leak and removed any valuable items from the area, you can then call your local North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration company for an inspection. They will look around the roof or ceiling within the home to determine how the leak started, and make a decision on how to repair the property and restore it to its original condition. This process can take some time but is the best way to ensure that the home is safe for the long-term. Moisture detection devices will indicate whether full structural remediation is required or just drying with dehumidifiers and blowers. Neglect of getting a full inspection and service could lead to hidden black mold issues which do cause serious health issues.

Our North Vancouver emergency water damage restoration team is here to guide you in managing leaks within your home. To discover more about our work in repairing local water damage issues, please call us today for a consultation.