Our Restoration Company Team Highlights How to Prevent Appliance Water Damage in Your Vancouver Home

The vast majority of instances of water damage that occur in Vancouver homes are the result of appliances. Our Vancouver water damage restoration company has helped hundreds of homeowners recover from appliance issues in recent years, and in our latest post, we’re highlighting how to prevent appliance water damage in your property.

Inspect showers and tubs

Your home showers and bathtubs should be inspected annually by a qualified technician to determine their performance and apply sealant to the grout. Cracks occurring in the tile grout or molding around the installation area could indicate a potential area of water ingress. These issues if left and not fixed by a local bathroom expert could lead to black mold remediation and restoration of the effected walls and flooring. Vancouver water damage restoration companies will need to be called in..

Review water heater performance

If your home water heater isn’t heating the water effectively, it could be a sign that there is sediment within the system. This sediment can cause damage to the internal structure of the heater, which then leads to leaks around the home. Make sure that your water heater is placed at the lowest level of the home near to a floor drain in order to minimize the damage a leak might cause. These slow plumbing leaks can cause significant damage to the floors and walls if left unchecked.

Replace hoses every three years

Those home hoses that you use to connect your washing machine and dishwasher to the water main should be replaced every three years or at least be replaced with the higher tolerance wire mesh option. Hoses can become stretched over time, leading to breaks in the fabric which allow water to seep through. Over time, these small leaks will become a significant flood event if the hose bursts. Fast running water will quickly reach into the walls, floors and electrical systems which in turn leads to a big water damage restoration project. Look for frayed or damaged or even doubtful hoses, and replace them immediately!

Know where your water shutoff is located

Each member of your home should know where the water shutoff to the property is located. Having this information can reduce significantly the damage and the need for flood repairs. Ensure that flooding events can be quickly brought under your full control. Create a plan for how to mitigate flood damage events and begin with turning off the main water shutoff to the home.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners is here to help guide you in managing your water damage restoration needs. Don’t wait for an emergency to prepare, start by recording Malkin contact information in your mobile now! To learn more about our Vancouver water damage restoration company and our services, call us today.