Our Surrey Water Damage Restoration Company Team Presents Our Tips for Handling Storm Damage

Stormy weather can cause significant structural damage to your home. And so it’s important that you have a plan in place to protect your property should the weather impact the building. Our Surrey water damage restoration company has many years’ experience in handling storm damage and in this latest post, our Malkin Cleaners team highlights some tips for minimizing storm damage to your home.

Contact the insurance company quickly

Your home insurance company should be contacted as soon as possible when you see the storm damage but calling a restoration company is imperative to reducing the extent of the damage. This begins the claims process quickly and limits the amount of time you have to wait to receive compensation for the claim.

Check the pipes

If you have storm damage to the home, the pipes within the property might also have been damaged. Check for water damage on the ceiling and walls and stop using the plumbing in the home immediately if sewer water is found within the flooding. Call a professional Surrey water damage restoration company immediately that can deal with Sewage issues.

Check the roof

If it’s safe to do so, check the roof to determine the condition of shingles and guttering. If a few shingles are missing or a tree branch has broken a hole, the area can be covered by a tarpaulin for the short-term, but ensure professionals are notified to respond to the issue.

Disconnect appliances

If you have appliances connected in the area of the storm damage, make sure these appliances are disconnected by switch off the breakers. Water conducts electricity, so not stand in pooled water until the power is shut off. If you have any confusion about this process, leave the work to a professional restoration firm.

Restoration companies can safeguard your home and remove storm-damaged items

Only by working with a professional Surrey water damage restoration company can you ensure that your home is safe for the coming years. Our team will work with you and your insurance company to assess the damage, begin with a restoration plan and then implement the plan within a consolidated timeframe. To discover more about our experts and their restoration work, call us today!