Our Vancouver Restoration Company Explains the Dangers of Neglecting Water Damage in the Home

It can be difficult to continually monitor the home for signs of water damage. But it’s important to note the dangers of missing key water damage signs. Our water damage restoration company in Vancouver has great experience guiding clients on water damage challenges, and in this latest post, we’re explaining more about the dangers of neglecting water damage in the home.

Burst Pipes Can Cause Flooding

One of the more common forms of home water damage is when home pipes begin to leak. Pine hole leaking pipes can suddenly become overwhelmed by a torrent of water pressure, causing a flood in the property and thereby leading to thousands of dollars in damage. This occurs when rust or other elements corrode the piping over time, allowing more and more water through until the entire water flow is running out of the pipe and into the home.

Wall Leaks Cause Bubbling

The first sign of a leak within your home walls will be bubbling in wallpaper and small water spots across painted walls usually at the base of the wall. You might notice that the wall is changing colour over time. This is largely due to a significant leak within the pipes behind the wall. If ignored over time, this problem will spread across the wall and throughout other areas of the home. The water behind the wall will begin to seep into the structure of the property, potentially impacting the structural safety of the entire home. This is particularly true when a leak occurs behind drywall in basement spaces.

Tips for Protecting Your Home

So now you know a little more about the problems that arise from neglecting water damage in the home, let’s highlight a few tips for proactive protection:

  • Learn the signs of water damage through a qualified Vancouver restoration company
  • Respond to bubbling in wallpaper and water marks on the wall immediately
  • Dig trenches outside the home if you live on a hillside, to prevent water intrusion from mudslides
  • Use sandbagging outside the home if a substantial rain system is forecasted
  • Ensure your appliance hoses such as dish washer, washing machine toilet pipes are in good condition and wire harness hoses are utilized when possible.

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Our trusted Vancouver water damage restoration company can help you to protect your home from water damage for the long-term. To discover more about our service options, call us today.