Our Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company Explains How to Protect Your Basement from Water

Basement water damage can cause costly problems within your home. And so it’s important that you understand how to protect your damage and ensure that water around your home is kept at a safe distance. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has great experience in protecting homes from water damage and in this latest post our Vancouver water damage restoration company explains how to protect your basement from flooding.

Clean gutters

One of the leading reasons for basement flooding in the home is guttering that has become blocked with debris. If the guttering is blocked, the water will flow over the sides and into areas around your home, potentially allowing the water to enter the property through a stair well or a ground level window. Take the time to clean leaves and other debris away from your property regularly.

Slope the ground away from your foundation

While a leak into your basement space can be damaging, cracks within the foundation caused by water damage can impact the structural integrity of your home. Work with a local foundation maintenance company to ensure the ground around the foundation is graded to slope away from the home.

Waterproof interior basement walls

Another great way to protect your basement space is to waterproof the basement walls so that the interior space is protected. It’s important that you work closely with a waterproofing expert during this process. Ask what type of materials they use and find out how long the waterproofing work will take to complete. Our Vancouver basement water damage restoration company team can help you with this process.

Have a sump pump installed

It takes just one instance of a broken pipe or flood event to know that having a means of removing the water quickly is a great way to protect the property. If you’re considering how to maximize the security of the basement space, you might consider the installation of a sump pump, which can automatically discharge water to areas outside your home.

If you’ve experienced a broken pipe in your home or appliance water failure, consult with your local basement water damage restoration company in Vancouver directly to minimize the damage to the property. To learn more about your home repair options, call our team at Malkin Cleaners today.