Preventing Attic Condensation in The Winter

Flood restoration companies in Burnaby are usually called in to deal with water damage in the basement or first floor – but not always.  There are ways for even the attic to suffer water damage and, in the winter, condensation is one of the most common causes.

Basically, when you run your heater during the winter, that causes the creation of warm air that rises throughout the house.  As it rises, it also captures moisture from the local atmosphere.  Once it reaches the attic, if the attic is sufficiently cool, it will cause the warm air to lose that collected moisture – creating condensation.

Left unchecked over the course of a winter, this can lead to significant water damage.  It can make its way into insulation or drywall, potentially ruining them.  This also creates a high risk of a mold infestation which would be extremely difficult (and costly) to clean up, if it gets out of hand.

Prevention is definitely the best medicine in this case.  Here are some tips.

Three Ways to Reduce Attic Condensation During the Winter 

  1. Improve your attic insulation

A well-insulated attic will be far less likely to create condensation since it won’t get cold enough to leech water out of the warmer indoor air.  Plus, a well-insulated attic will also significantly reduce your heating and electric bills, so this is a win-win measure all around.

  1. Plug any cracks in your attic/roof

Any air leaks in your attic will allow hot air to escape the attic, lowering overall temperatures.  Often, they can be detected simply by moving slowly around your attic, feeling for drafts.  If you hit a cold spot, chances are there’s an air leak nearby.

Also, plugging these leaks will lower your electric bill, and reduce the chances of rain or snow leaking into your house as well!

  1. Limit sources of humidity within the house

Try to avoid producing too much steam, such as in the shower – this will go straight to the attic.  Also, if your clothes dryer vents inside the house, consider modifications so it vents outside.  The air it produces is highly saturated with water.

Using dehumidifiers in these areas, or in your attic, is another alternative.

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