Our Richmond Water Damage Cleanup Company Team Explain Basement Flooding Solutions

Basement flooding continues to be a persistent challenge for many homeowners. But it’s important to note that there are clear solutions to these challenges available through your trusted local Richmond water damage cleanup company. Our team at Malkin Cleaners has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and in this latest post our Richmond water damage cleanup company professionals explain our guide to basement flooding solutions.

Turn Off the Power

The first step in the process is to turn off the power to the basement to help prevent electrical systems from causing safety problems in the home.

Call Your Insurance Company if open or a 24 hr. Emergency Restoration Service

Once you’ve made sure the area is secure, you can then call your insurance company to discuss coverage options. They can provide you with full information on your policy and the types of damage removal service available to you.

Source the Flow of Water

Next, you should try to source the flow of the water to the basement space. Look for leaks in the roof and holes in the foundation that may be allowing water inside the property.

Use a Submersible Water Pump to Remove Water

Now it comes time to deal with the water. Use a submersible water pump to remove the standing water in the basement space.

Use a Series of Box Fans and a Humidifier to Dry the Space

You’ll then have to ensure that all remaining moisture is removed from the space to return the property to its ideal condition. You can complete the drying process by using a series of box fans to blow air into the room over a period of several hours. You should also use a humidifier during the drying process to eliminate any leftover moisture in the air.

Oftentimes it’s simpler to let Malkin Cleaners handle the basement cleanup work. We’re the leading water damage cleanup company in Richmond and have decades of experience to our name. To discuss a cleanup project with an expert, call us today!