Roof Water Damage Causes & Prevention Tips

The roof of your home or business helps protect you from the elements, but it won’t last forever. Even the sturdiest of roofs will succumb to water damage over time. That’s why the team from Malkin Cleaners is always on-call to provide outstanding water damage repair services in Vancouver.

However, we also wanted to give you a few tips to help maintain your roof and prevent water damage, so take a look below.

Common Causes of Roof Water Damage

There is a host of different ways your roof can succumb to water damage. A few of the most common include:

  • Flashing Failure: Roof flashing is the thin sheets of galvanized steel installed where fixtures (chimneys, skylights, air vents) are located on your roof. Over time, this steel can warp and leave cracks where water can enter your roof deck.
  • Damaged Shingles: One of the most common causes of roof water damage, old and outdated shingles are less effective and often crack, letting water seep into your roof deck. If your shingles appear cracked, curled, or you notice asphalt granules washing off every time it rains you’re due for a roof replacement.
  • Valley Damage: The valley of your roof is where the two roof faces meet. It serves as a drainage area for water, which travels down into your gutter system. Since such areas experience more water flow, they also wear down much quicker than others on the roof.

Preventing Roof Water Damage

To avoid the need to call a water damage repair team, performing regular roofing maintenance on your Vancouver property is a must. Having your roof regularly inspected can help you identify major problems that could turn into leaks down the road. Keeping an eye out for some of the aforementioned issues is also another great way to be proactive when it comes to roof water damage prevention.

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