Steps to Take Before Consulting with a Vancouver Water Damage Restoration Company

One of the most important challenges associated with a water damage restoration project is finding a qualified Vancouver company to handle the work. But before you begin to contact local companies, make sure that you know the steps required to protect your home in the short-term. In this latest post, our Malkin Cleaners team will explain the steps to take in protecting the home against water damage.

Identify the main area of damage

The first step in the process is to identify the all areas of the home that is damaged. If you can identify the leak coming from piping, try and turn off the appropriate water valve.  If you are not certain how to do this, now would be the time to call a restoration company to assist.

If flooding has ceased, in case of standing water, make sure that you separate this area from the rest of the property by blocking it off to pets and small children to prevent electrical shock potential. Make sure everyone else in the home knows that the area is off-limits as a first safety step to the restoration process.

Move furniture

The next step in the process is to move any furniture out of the way so that the pieces are not impacted by the water damage. The furniture should be moved to a dry part of the home if possible. If the furniture cannot be physically moved, it’s important that you don’t try to move the piece alone and risk injury. Your local Vancouver water damage restoration company team can handle the task.

Remove rugs and other personal items

Now you can take the time to remove other smaller items within the area such as rugs and clothing. These items might have been impacted by the flooding and must be washed and or sanitized before being used again in the future.

Call your restoration company

Now it’s time to call your Vancouver water damage restoration company if you have not already done so. Make sure that you give them all the information about the type of water damage in the property and wait for their instructions on how to deal with high-risk items such as electrical products. Don’t touch electrical outlets or remove plugged in products until the restoration company arrives at the home.

Our team at Malkin Cleaners can help you respond to water damage challenges throughout your property. To discover more about this process, call us directly today.