Suffering from Major flood Damage in Richmond? Here’s What to Do

flood damage in richmondNo one wants to come home to discover their home is flooded, but it happens to many people every year, even here in Richmond.  If you ever return to discover standing water (or worse) in your home, there are several steps to take if you want to minimize the amount of damage done to your home and your pocketbook.

A Guide to Responding to Water Damage in Richmond

1 – Be prepared

How extensive is the flood damage coverage in your homeowner’s or property insurance?  Have you reviewed it lately?  It’s good to know ahead of time what your policy covers and how much damage it pays for.  Keeping the number for your insurance company in your wallet, bag, or car glove compartment is also recommended.  If your home is dangerously flooded, you might not be able to go inside to find the paperwork.

2 – Call your insurance company ASAP

If your home is flooded, after making sure everyone is safe, your first call should be to your insurance provider to report the incident.  You don’t want to delay otherwise the insurance company might try to claim some of the damage was due to that delay.  Call them immediately after discovering what has happened. They’ll send out an adjuster to evaluate the damage.

3 – Call a Richmond water damage repair professional

Once your insurance provider is contacted, get the ball rolling on removing the water, evaluating the damage, and initiating repairs.  Fortunately, a water damage repair shop like Malkin Cleaners will do all these things.

And you want a contractor on your side!  If there’s any disagreement between you and your insurance company regarding the extent of the damage, having an independent water damage expert on-hand will be invaluable in resolving the dispute.

4 – Find someplace else to stay

It’s might be uncomfortable for a few days, but you don’t want to stay in a home that’s been flooded until it’s been professionally cleaned.  Even if the water came from a clean source, like a water main, it will quickly begin to go septic, developing bacteria and encouraging mold growth.  Your home simply will not be safe to live in.

If you have water damage in Richmond, don’t wait.  Call Malkin Cleaners immediately!