Our Team Answers the Question “How do Richmond Water Damage Restoration Companies Near Me Complete their Projects?”

When you’re asking the question “How do I find qualified Richmond restoration companies near me?”, it’s important that you know about the quality of the company’s team and the type of work they’ll be taking on around your home. To help guide you in this area of the industry we’re highlighting the typical water damage restoration project in this latest post.

Site Analysis

The first step in the water removal process and the start of the restoration work is the site analysis stage. At this stage of the process, the specialists will review the property to determine the extent of the damage and then make a plan for restoration. When asking the question “What can Richmond restoration companies near me do to protect my home?”, this site analysis plays an important role in their planning.

Water Removal

The water remaining in the home is then effectively removed using a water vacuum. Within this process, the team may also use large pumps to pull significant quantities of water out of the home and into tanks outside the property.

Drying the Area

The water damage restoration company will then complete the drying process. They will use industrial blowers to remove the moisture from the property and ensure at all structural elements are completely dry.

Dehumidifying the Home

Next, the team has to remove moisture from the air within the property. They’ll use industrial humidifiers to remove moisture and keep air dry to prevent mold growth.

Mold Removal

The next step in the process is to remove all the existing mold leftover from the water damage event. The team will carefully extract the mold so that all spores are removed and the home is safe.

Deodorizing the Air

In the final step of the project, the team will deodorize the air to remove all contaminants. After this process has been completed the family can then move back inside and continue normal activities.

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