Tips to Find the Best Emergency Flood Restoration with Malkin Cleaners

If you’ve recently experienced any sort of home flooding, or even a severe leak, then time is truly of the essence. The longer moisture remains in your home, the more damage it will do to the underlying structure and items in your home. There’s also the possibility of black mold or other infestations entering your home.

You need an emergency flood restoration company which can handle the cleanup job right, and without delay. These are some of the most important criteria when looking for a home flood restoration firm in your area.

Four Things You Need From an Effective Emergency Flood Restoration Company

  1. Licensing and insurance.

It’s generally a good idea in any kind of home contracting to make sure they’re licensed and insured, but it’s particularly important when it comes to flood restoration. Otherwise, you could end up responsible if they cause any damage – or potentially even be at fault if they end up hurt! The insurance is there to protect you.  

  1. Local referrals.

The longer a home flood restoration service has been in business, the better – particularly if they can provide plenty of referrals. The best companies will always have testimonials from satisfied customers attesting to their skill. Be wary if they don’t want to provide references.

  1. Rapid response.

Time is money where emergency flood restoration is concerned. Every hour it goes untreated is more damage done, and potentially more harm to your home.  Be sure they have the capacity to deal with your problem sooner, rather than later. If they have 24-hour emergency services, all the better – that means they have plenty of spare resources.

  1. A written contract\estimate.

You want to be as protected as possible, when it comes to the amount of time and money your flood cleanup will cost. Choose a company that’s willing to give you a written estimate and a contract which clearly details their payment structure and situations where they might exceed the estimate. Remember, there’s a lot of variation in how home flood restoration firms’ price their services. You need to have all the details up front.

Get Quality Flood Restoration from Vancouver’s Experts

Malkin Cleaners is one of the oldest and most-respected home cleaning services in the Vancouver area with a history dating back to 1923. Large or small, we can handle your home flood cleanup and restoration.  Contact us today to discuss an estimate!