Trying to Repair Ceiling Water Damage in Vancouver? Here’s What You Need

Water Damage Repair Companies in Vancouver

A water-damaged ceiling can be difficult to repair, particularly if you aren’t entirely sure what the source of the water is.  In many cases, your best bet is to call in water damage repair companies in Vancouver.  However, if the extent of the damage is limited, or you do know where the water came from, it is sometimes possible to handle the repairs yourself.

Here’s a quick breakdown from Malkin Cleaners about what you’d need.

How to Handle Ceiling Water Damage Repair

1 – Fix the leak

Obviously, step one is removing the source of the water.  Water remediation means fixing the pipe or patching your roof, or whatever is needed to prevent the damage from getting worse.

2 – Draining and drying.

If there is standing water remaining, you’ll need to drain it by punching a hole through the ceiling, so it can drain out.  Obviously, have buckets or towels in place to handle the spill.  Once the visible water is gone, the ceiling will need to be dried.  For small amounts of water, something like a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner could be used.  You could potentially also use something like a space heater to try it out.

Remember, it is critical to get all the moisture out of your ceiling.  Damp patches left to fester will quickly develop dangerous molds or mildews that could threaten the health of your family.

3 – Removed damaged material, then start patching.

If your ceiling is made of drywall or similar materials, it can never be fully restored.  You’ll need to cut away all the drywall water damaged areas.  Once you’ve removed all the material which can’t be restored, you’ll need to apply patches made of the same material your ceiling was originally.

Use sandpaper or similar tools to smooth over any edges or seams where your patch may not 100% line up to the existing ceiling surface.

4 – Painting

Once your ceiling repair water damage is complete, it’s time to repaint it!  You will most likely want to apply an initial coating of primer/sealant, followed up by a second layer of color which matches your existing ceiling color as closely as possible.

Exact color matching can be very difficult, however, particularly if your ceiling is old enough to have faded somewhat from its original color.

Need More Help?  Don’t Hesitate to Call in the Professionals

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