Our Water Damage Restoration Company Team in Surrey Explains How to Prevent Costly Flooding in the Home

By understanding the safety steps to protect your belongings you can avoid the challenges associated with flooding in the home. Our Surrey water damage restoration company has significant experience in this area of the marketplace, and in our latest post, we’re highlighting how to prevent costly flooding in the home.

Mount electronic products on the wall

The first simple step you can take to prevent costly home flooding is to mount electrical products to the wall if they usually sit on the floor such as space heaters. This step will help ensure that the equipment is protected against water intrusion.

Replace carpet with tiles

One of the more common costs associated with home flooding is having to rip out carpet inlay and hope the carpet will clean well. Consider replacement with tiling if a renovation is coming up. Consider the aesthetic value of the tile and make a decision that combines cost and design appeal.

Dishwasher, Toilet and Washer Hoses are High Quality

Despite the amount of rain we have in the lower mainland, these are common areas where structure failure causes a flood. Inspect these periodically and check for any small leaks or cracks if you have rubber tubing. Use metal lace washer hoses to be safe.

Use synthetic window and door framing

The framing around your windows and doors is an essential element in protecting your property for the coming years. Makes sure you utilize synthetic materials to protect your windows and doors and keep the water outside your home.

Install quality skirting boards

Skirting wall boards help to protect the surfaces around the home. Make sure you work with quality, water-resistant materials when adding skirting boards to the home. You can purchase fully water-resistant materials from your local hardware store. Don’t forget to add a waterproof sealant when installing to prevent water ingress into the walls for minor floods.

Work with a specialist in water damage mitigation

Our team at Malkin Cleaners is not only a leading Surrey water damage restoration company but a specialist for flooding mitigation strategies. It’s important that you call our team directly for guidance in protecting your home.

Our water damage restoration company team in Surrey is available around the clock to offer guidance in reducing your water damage costs. To discover more about our service options, call us today.