What Do You Get When You Hire Coquitlam Water Damage Restoration Experts?

If your Coquitlam home has suffered flood damage, quick and decisive action is needed.  Flood damage doesn’t go away on its own. On the contrary, if it’s left alone or improperly cleaned up, the damage will continue to grow even after the standing water is gone.  You need Coquitlam water damage restoration experts to prevent any additional damage from being done.

You get a lot of services when you hire water damage experts.  Here are a few of the ways they can help.

What Coquitlam Water Damage Restoration Experts Can Do for You

  1. Full water removal 

The first step in water damage cleanup is, of course, to get rid of the water.  All the water.  This is easier said than done!  Even if you remove the obvious standing water, there will be a lot of moisture which has soaked into the floor, walls, and other structures within your home.

This moisture must be removed, and it requires some heavy-duty equipment to do so.  Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of mold and mildew infestations which can threaten your home and your health.

  1. Mold removal services

Has mold already begun to take root?  Your Coquitlam water cleanup service can help with that as well.  They have the tools and chemicals necessary to stop mold growth and prevent it from being a threat to your home – and they can do so with minimal additional damage to your property.

  1. Rebuilding damaged areas

Many elements of your home which have become soaked with water will simply have to be removed and replaced.  Floor tiles, carpeting, drywall – these are simply not recoverable.  However, home restoration is another aspect of the services offered.  Your water damage cleanup crew will help you evaluate which parts of your home will need to be repaired or replaced, and either do the job themselves or point you towards qualified contractors to do the work.

  1. Providing expert documentation and testimony, if needed

If you have reason to think you may have difficulty with your insurance company, that’s all the more reason to call in the pros.  They’ll provide expert objective documentation and testimony about the damage done if there’s a legal conflict.

Let Malkin Cleaners Handle It

So, if your home has experienced flooding, don’t wait! Malkin Cleaners are the water damage restoration experts that Coquitlam trusts.  Contact us directly for further information about our emergency services and damage solutions.