What Does Mold Remediation Entail?

If you discover a mold infestation in your home, it needs to be taken care of immediately.  The sorts of molds which grow within a home are hazardous to both people and animals.  In particular, black mold is outright toxic and can cause major health problems!

So, if you’ve got mold, you want to call in a home restoration company near Vancouver to remove it, right?  Well… not exactly.  What you’ll actually be asking for is mold remediation.

Here’s why that’s an important distinction.

What “Mold Remediation” Means When You Call a Vancouver Home Restoration Company

Probably the most important thing to understand about mold is that mold spores are everywhere.  Mold naturally occurs in both indoor and outdoor environments.  Nothing except some sort of sealed sterilized room – like a medical laboratory – can ever be 100% free of mold.

Otherwise, there are always going to be some amount of invisibly microscopic mold spores floating around.  Most of the time, they’re effectively harmless.  However, what they’re looking for is a cool, damp, dark place.  When a mold spore lands somewhere like that, it’s going to start multiplying – and quickly.

Unfortunately, houses often tend to have locations like that – particularly if they aren’t well-maintained.  The risk of mold skyrockets if the home has recently had water damage, such as flooding.  If the home isn’t thoroughly dried out by experts, it will almost certainly develop a mold problem.

So, when you call in a Vancouver home restoration company for a mold problem, they aren’t really looking to 100% eliminate mold.  They’re looking to simply prune it back to the point your home is safe again.

Along with killing the active mold growths, they will also take a close look at your property for sources of mold.  If there was a recent flood damage, then the source is easy to find.  Otherwise, they’ll work with you to discover and eliminate places in your house which make for good mold incubators.  By working on these specific areas, it becomes far less likely that the mold will re-grow to the point it’s dangerous again.

That’s mold remediation in a nutshell:  Eliminate any major health threats, then look to inhibit mold growth in the future.

Got Mold Problems?  Call in Malkin!

Since 1923, Malkin Cleaners has been a leading home restoration company in Vancouver.  We’re fully equipped to clean up fire damage, dry out flooded or water damaged homes, and control even dangerous black mold outbreaks.  We’ll do everything possible to restore your home to a livable state, while fixing or removing sources of ongoing health threats.

If you discover a mold outbreak, contact us any time of day or night.