You Just Discovered A Burst Pipe in Your House – Now What?

emergency flood cleanup

A burst water pipe can do tremendous water damage to a home, in a short amount of time.  If you’re going to limit the damage done (and any cleanup costs) you will want to act fast and act smart.  Fortunately, we have almost a century of experience as an emergency flood cleanup company in Vancouver, helping homeowners in just this sort of situation!

Here’s what to do.

How To Handle A Burst Pipe In Your Home

  1. Shut off the water flow

The water flow needs to be shut off ASAP, even before any professionals arrive.  Fortunately, your water main – where the outside pipe enters your house – should have a shutoff valve on it.  Turn this off must be your first move.

  1. Call your insurance company if during office hours

You’ll want to get in contact with your insurance company immediately if possible and get advice on how to proceed.  They may, for example, already partner with a local emergency water damage cleanup service which they’ll refer to you.

Follow their directions closely to ensure your claims are honored later.

  1. Call a Vancouver flood restoration company 24/7

Do not hesitate to get the buildings water damage attended to immediately to mitigate further damage. Your insurance company is usually able to work with any accredited restoration fast response company.

You can’t clean up water damage without help.  In particular, the process of drying out your home requires high-powered vacuums and de-humidifying blowers.  If it isn’t properly cleaned up and dried, you could have dangerous mold growth.

So, either call the company recommended by your insurance agent, or find a reputable emergency flood cleanup service online in advance of potential issues.

  1. If possible, remove electronics from the flood area

This will depend on the extent of the flooding.  If the flooding is high enough to reach your electrical sockets, do not enter the water.  It may be electrified and highly dangerous.  If the water level is lower, however, it should be safe to walk around.  Your first priority will be removing any electronic devices that are nearby, just in case.

Use rubber gloves for insulation, even if you think the devices haven’t gotten water in them.  Better safe than sorry.

  1. Document the damage

Finally, start documenting any damage that has been done.  This will be for your records, and for your insurance company.  It could even potentially be evidence in court.  Take plenty of pictures or video, and back them up somewhere secure.  Your restoration company should be very proactive in this regard to help you with your claims.

This is also the point you can start finding items you want to save and taking them outside to dry.

If You Have A Flooding Emergency, Contact Malkin Cleaners

Since 1923, we’ve been helping Vancouver homeowners recover from water damage, fire damage, and more.  Remember, when flood waters are involved, time is truly of the essence.  Don’t wait!  Call us at (604) 262-2570 at any time of day or night.